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Seed Technology Services
Breeding premium varieties isn’t all we do here at Synergene, of course. We also have a longstanding reputation for excellence in seed services.
We’re proud of our investments in the latest seed-servicing technology. And the growing fields used for our contract seed-production work are standouts in their own right. However, our experienced staff deserves much of the credit for Synergene’s superior customer-satisfaction ratings and famously fast turnaround times.

Our comprehensive approach is another reason why dealers and growers choose Synergene. Our ability to produce, analyze, condition and coat your seed in-house means we can closely monitor it throughout the entire process to ensure the end-product will be of the highest quality. Nobody knows how to enhance the value of your seed better than Synergene.

Lab Analysis
While coating and conditioning are imperative for a clean, high-yield crop, we always advise clients to have their seeds analyzed beforehand to help guarantee the most profitable performance later.

After our experienced technicians test for germ, vigor and/or coatability, we’ll quickly provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations.

Seed Conditioning
The ancient art of seed conditioning is taken to all new levels at Synergene – where we believe experience and teamwork are the keys to expert sizing and cleaning.

While our conditioning service can be customized to meet your requirements, most seeds first pass through a large clipper, a spiral separator and an indent cylinder before they’re then moved to our gravity tables for final sizing and cleaning. It’s a stringent four-step process that guarantees 99.9 percent purity.

Seed Coating/Pelleting
For improved plantability and seed emergence, Synergene offers two proprietary custom coatings – one heavy and one light, both processes developed and perfected in-house.

Splitkote®; Registered Trademark of INCOTEC and Licensed to Synergene Seed) is a heavy, split-type pellet used exclusively for lettuce seed. Popular primarily with growers in the Southwestern U.S., this pellet not only has excellent splitting capabilities, its hydrophobic qualities provide seeds with the protection and nourishment they need to flourish in even the most demanding of desert environments.

SupraCel is a lightweight coating with a 20-year track record of exceptional field performance. For pneumatic seeders and other situations where decreased weight and a dust-free environment is imperative, SupraCel is ideal. It’s available in three different pellet sizes(mini, 11.5 and 13.0).

Synergene’s staff has decades of experience with these products – both of which can be bound with a variety of additives to reduce equipment contamination, counter the effects of crop pests and disease, promote healthy plant development and more.

Contract Seed Production

With nutrient-rich growing fields located throughout the San Joaquin Valley and parts of Australia, Synergene is able to provide its clients with reliable contract seed-production services year-round.

To ensure a maximum yield, the planting and harvesting of your seed is performed by experienced crews using advanced machinery and working under direct supervision. Field inspections – to ensure varietal purity, the absence of pests, disease and more – are handled on a regular basis by agronomy experts with decades of in-the-field experience.