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Our Story
Satisfying the ever-changing demands of the modern produce industry is no easy task. But that’s just what Synergene Seed has been able to do for almost two decades now.
Founded in 1988 by Merv Selvidge and Dave Thornberry – two industry insiders – Synergene quickly established itself as an innovative seed breeder/producer and soon thereafter quietly emerged as a leading player in the lettuce industry.

As the produce industry grew larger and more sophisticated, so did Synergene. However, Merv and Dave always kept the company focused on lettuce, and they never allowed the pursuit of profits to get in the way of their clients’ best interests. Thanks to that wise guidance, Synergene was able to fill a void that has served the industry well ever since.

Today, Synergene boasts an impressive selection of vegetable seeds that includes more than 35 types of premium proprietary lettuce and at least as many non-proprietary offerings – an exceptional product line that emphasis Iceberg, Romaine and mix lettuces, unique mustards and novel spices. New seed products are also currently under development – including a promising line of broccoli hybrids.

In addition, Synergene offers a full contingent of seed-technology services. These include contract seed production and seed conditioning, as well as two proprietary seed-coating processes – all managed by an experienced staff well-known for its fast turnaround and attention to detail.

Headquartered in the heart of America’s salad bowl (Salinas California), Synergene is a small, privately-held entity with operations both domestic and abroad. Its products are distributed exclusively through a worldwide network of certified seed dealers.