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Green Thunder (SXP-0341)

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This has to be one of the most exciting new Romaine's to hit the marketplace in years. Bred for use in a wide variety of growing environments, this lettuce is highly tolerant to twisting and high mid-rib deformity, as well as tip burn and Sclerotinia. Its leaves are an attractive hue of dark green, and its growth is vigorous – with an average head weight of 1 ½ pounds at harvest time. Best of all, this lettuce is as much as 20 percent less expensive than comparable Romaines. Use it for cartons or hearts.
Yes, PVP contemplated.
Big Benefit:
Very good weight potential; multi use for cartons or hearts.
Grow Region:
Coastal and desert.
Harvest Window:
Best for main season.
Frame Size :
Average Size:
13.5" height; 1.5 lbs weight
Average Core Size:
Tolerant to:
Tip burn, Sclerotinia.
Bolt Tolerance:
Above average
Crunchy and neutral.
Suggested Grower Price:
$0.89 per thousand in Synergene SupraCel with a 13.0 light coat

Shelf-life studies regarding the processing suitability of this product are still on-going. For more specific information regarding correct cultural practices, planting slots and seed availability, contact your Synergene Seed dealer.