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Red Hot™ (SXP-0269)

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If you’re searching for a good bag filler, this is our most popular red leaf. Consumers seem drawn to the vibrant cherry-red color of the leaves (which is reminiscent of a Red Batavia). But the shape and structure of those leaves is also what makes this lettuce so sought-after. The leaf blade is medium-wide at the top, tightly tapered at the stem and features an attractive frill on the margin. The texture of the leaves is waxy, thickness is reasonable, and the flavor is pleasingly bitter. No wonder it’s used in so many bagged salad mixes.
Baby red leaf.
Big Benefit:
Vibrant deep cherry red color; DMR to most CA pathotypes.
Grow Region:
Coastal and desert.
Harvest Window:
Season long baby leaf harvest.
Average Size:
5" height; 2" width
Tolerant to:
Good DMR to most CA pathotypes.
Pleasingly bitter.
Suggested Grower Price:
Spot orders $110 per raw pound; less for contract.

This lettuce is a sister to SXP-0276.