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SXP-0254 DMR

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If looks could kill, this lettuce would have shoppers keeling over in the produce aisles. Not to mention that its vigorous growth gets growers pretty excited, too. You’ve never seen such lovely leaves: fairly wide at the top – but not oversized like similar varieties – and tightly tapered at the stem, with a strong frill along the leaf margin. The color is a striking green – so bright it’s almost fluorescent. The structure of the leaves is also exemplary – thick, blistered and very iceberg-like. Even better, the leaves have a tendency to cup, which makes them well-suited for adding fluff to bagged salad mixes.
Babyleaf green leaf.
Big Benefit:
Bright, shinny green leaves; excellent texture; upright leaf habit and very vigorous growth.
Grow Region:
Coastal and desert.
Harvest Window:
Season long Babyleaf harvest.
Average Size:
5-6" height; 2" width
Tolerant to:
Good DMR to most CA pathotypes.
Very pleasing.
Suggested Grower Price:
Spot orders $75 per raw pound; less for contract.